Apple CarPlay Installation Guide: Step by step guide

Apple CarPlay lets you control your iPhone using the car’s information system. CarPlay enables you to send and receive messages, make calls, as well as access all your favorite apps without having your hands taken off the wheel. You can follow this guide to learn how to install CarPlay. Click here.

Step 1: Check the compatibility

Apple CarPlay installation begins by determining if your vehicle is compatible. CarPlay can be installed on most modern cars. However, some older models might not work. CarPlay may be compatible with some older models. Consult your auto manufacturer for more information.

Step 2 – Purchase CarPlay Compatible Head Unit

It is important to make sure that your car’s head unit is CarPlay compliant. It is the head unit that connects with your iPhone and displays CarPlay. CarPlay-compatible heads can be bought from electronics stores or online.

Step 3: Disconnect battery

Remove the car’s battery prior to installing the new radio head unit. This will prevent electrical problems.

Step 4: Remove your old headunit

Remove the head unit that is currently in your dashboard. It will depend on the car’s model. Most head units are easy to remove with some basic tools.

Connect the new Head Unit

Connect the new CarPlay capable unit to your wiring harness. Please follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer. Double-check to ensure that your connections are safe.

How to install the new headunit

This is how you mount the new head unit on your car dashboard. Again, the process will differ depending on what model and make of car you have, but for most headunits, brackets or screws can be used to mount them.

Step 7 – Reconnecting the Battery

Replace the battery in the car and switch on the unit. If you have installed everything correctly, your new head-unit should now display CarPlay.

Connecting your Phone

Connect your iPhone with the new head unit via Lightning cable. CarPlay will automatically display on the screen of your new head unit once the iPhone is connected.

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