Are you making these carpet cleaning mistakes?

Cleaning commercial carpets presents its own challenges. This task requires professional cleaners that are licensed to perform thorough cleaning. Hired rogue carpet cleaners can lead to many mistakes that could cause damage to your carpet fibers. Cleaning your carpet with the proper equipment is key to ensuring that it stays clean. There are many mistakes that you need to avoid, no matter if you’re hiring someone or cleaning it yourself. Additional info?

Wrong Spotting Agents

Different stains require different cleaning agents. You could end up with stains that stick to your carpet fibres, rather than coming out. Different types of stains can be grouped together. You will need to use a solvent to get rid of paint, gum, oil and nail polish stains. Some, like tea and coffee require acidic substances. Knowing the differences in stain removal products is a smart thing to do. An experienced technician can advise you on which products or methods are best to use to get rid of different stains.

Failing To Pretest Carpet Material

There are many carpet materials. It is important to try the cleaning solution first on a small area. It will allow you to test the effect of the cleaner on the carpet fiber. Pretesting may lead to discoloration or even damage. You can avoid a lot of trouble by pretesting. Carpet damage can lead to costly repairs or replacements.

Not Enough Force

Over-aggressiveness, particularly in the removal of spots, can cause more harm that good. It takes patience and not force to remove spots. It could cause damage to the carpet fiber and make the area appear older. You can start by applying a mild abrasive directly to the spot. Then, add the cleaning agents as needed.

Failure to identify problem areas

Before any carpet cleaning can be started, you need to inspect it. Because foot traffic can vary from one area to the next, certain carpet areas are more likely to collect dirt. You should first address these areas before cleaning your entire carpet. You should also vacuum your entire carpet before beginning any deeper or more thorough cleaning.

Shampooing Too Much

Although it may be easy to clean small spots, too much shampoo can make your carpet susceptible to dirt. Overuse of shampoo will result in residue buildup. This will cause soil and particles to stick to that area of the carpet, increasing its vulnerability to staining. You end up spending a lot more money to replace your carpet.

Follow the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions when you clean your carpet. Use patience when cleaning stains. Do not scrub too hard. You want your carpet to last a long time. This is why it’s important that you avoid these cleaning errors.

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