Ayahuasca Preparation Diet

It can be life-changing to attend an ayahuasca ritual. But it can be hard to prepare yourself for the ceremony. There are many options for how to prepare, but the majority recommend that you avoid pork, red meats, dairy products, fermented foods, smoked or aged foods, oily foods, excessive alcohol, hot spices and sugar for at most 3-5 days. Some may wonder why someone would choose to avoid such a large number of foods when taking ayahuasca. After much research, I realized that there was good scientific evidence to support this diet. Visit our website and learn more about healthy masculine energy.

Tyramine is abundant in foods such as pork and foods that have been aged or pickedled, smoked, or otherwise fermented. Tyramine is an amino acid called tyrosine. Mixing MAOIs (monoamine oxygenase inhibitors), drugs with foods rich in tyramine could be very dangerous. MAOI medications are not being prescribed by physicians as frequently as they did in the past few decades. Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi, contains at least three MAOI substances. This makes it very dangerous to eat foods containing a lot of tyramine just before the ceremony. It is essential to refrain from sexual activity for at minimum one week prior the ceremony. The reason is that a ceremony requires a lot energy and focus. Sexual activity drains the body of energy.

It can be difficult to stick to this diet because of all the ingredients in many foods you will find in supermarkets across the United States. It was easy for me to stick to the diet by purchasing fresh fish, poultry or fruits from the grocery store and making my own meals. I didn’t want any chance so I stuck to the diet. I followed the diet only for six days and felt great. I lost around eight pounds. I also noticed an improvement in my sense of smell, taste, and hearing. I felt lighter and noticed a decrease in sluggishness and stiffness in the joints. Even if you’re not going to be participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony any time soon, this simple cleanse can make a huge difference for your mind and body. Take it on for a few weeks and feel the difference!

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