Both Risks And Benefits Come With Plastic Surgery

Even though the economy has slowed, Americans continue to have more plastic surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery reports that over 13,000,000 plastic surgery procedures have been performed in the last year. It is up 5%.

The number of breast augmentations performed is 318,123. Liposuction comes in second at 288,016, followed by eyelid surgeries at 152123.

There is a high demand for cosmetic surgeries. What risks do people take? more help.

It is good to look younger. Cosmetic surgery boosts self-confidence. Plastic surgery can not only improve the physical appearance of a patient, but also their attitude towards life. Then they’ll be more appealing for employers and other people. If a person is obese, weight-loss surgeries are able to help them achieve a youthful appearance more quickly.

Our culture has a misconception about aging. There are as many Silicon Valley millionaires, under 30 years old. Growing older doesn’t make you wiser or richer. A recent ASAPS survey found that students couldn’t tell if people with cosmetic surgery were 10 years older.

Despite the advances made in modern technology, surgery is not a straightforward procedure. It is still surgery and there are inherent risks.

-Blood Clots

-Excessive or unexpected bleeding


-tissue death


You may feel different sensations or they could disappear.

-Completed Healing

-anesthesia malfunction


-Additional surgical procedures

-Not satisfied with the results

-nerve damage

-I am obsessed with getting more surgery

-Insolvency or High Cost Debt

The last point is very important. The cost of cosmetic surgery in the US can be very high. A breast lift costs between $3000 and $6,000, while the average price of a facelift is $4000. Plastic surgery is not covered by most employer insurances unless an injury or illness has been associated with it. Even in countries with government-funded health care, plastic surgery is not paid for if it’s done solely to enhance appearance.

Get a lower cost on cosmetic surgery at Mexico

Mexico is a great way to reduce your expenses. Mexico offers you the chance to reduce your costs.

Mexico is plagued with charlatans that promise miracles, and have prices so low it’s hard to believe. Mexico is home to professional, highly-qualified hospitals and doctors who are able to meet U.S. standards. Some are associated with American Hospitals.

Even though cosmetic surgery is costlier in the U.S., it’s still 90 percent cheaper when done by surgeons who are experienced and clean modern hospitals that have the most up-to-date equipment. The hospitals often transport patients to and from the airport or border, in addition to any other locations. The package could include resorts that offer a safe environment for recovery, yet are far from dangerous regions.

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