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While most people think of steam-cleaning when cleaning their carpets, many don’t realize that there is an easier way. Dry foam carpet cleaning is what I mean. Dry foam is not the cleaning method that is being described, but it is dry according to professionals because it has low moisture levels – more help.

How it works

The special shampoo is the key to dry foam carpet cleaning. Encapsulation is a chemical process. Encapsulation technology refers to a cleaning technique that traps dirt, residue and other particles into a suspension. Once these particles are crystallized, the carpet cleaner can remove them. This is a great way to get rid of dirt and stains, but it’s not as efficient as steam cleaning. It is essential to have a carpet cleaner who is experienced in this method. Dry foam carpet cleaning is much more difficult than steam machines. However, they are simple to use.

Berber carpets require dry foam carpet cleaning. Dry foam carpet cleaning is the best method. Berber carpets are made from a looped pile. Dirt is easily trapped at the bottom. By steam cleaning, water is introduced to the carpet. After that, it is extracted using a high pressure vacuum. The combination with an attachment that pushes the shampoo into the carpet, the encapsulation formulation and the brush are what results in a more effective carpet cleaning. The brush spins rapidly so it vibrates soil particles and shakes them loose.

Why it’s better for you

Carpet steam cleaning can damage carpet fibres and cause color bleeding, shrinkage, and discoloration. The most severe health problems from steam cleaning your carpets include mould and mildew. You can make your carpets more prone to mould and mildew by soaking the underpad with too much water.

Mould can be described as a type or fungus that is sensitive to moisture and grows in moist conditions. Health Canada warns residents about the danger of mould growth in their homes. Mold growth in residential buildings can lead to health problems, such as wheezing, headaches, and coughing. Asthmatics who are allergic to mould could experience asthma attacks.

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