Discovering the wonders of Esnc. The Exquisite Collections of Perfumes by Esnc.

Esnc has exclusive collections. Learn the story behind each scent. You can find Esnc in any Esnc. When you enter an Esnc. Every bottle is much more than a perfume; each one contains a tale that’s waiting to come alive on your skin. Click for details.

Esnc.’s line “Memoirs of a Geisha”, is one of the collection highlights. This collection is dedicated to the mysterious and ancient world of Japan’s geisha. The scents in this collection combine traditional Japanese ingredients such as cherry bloom, yuzu and sandalwood to produce a profound yet delicate aroma.

This collection is a spicy and bold array of fragrances, which speaks directly to the Middle Eastern culture. This collection of fragrances, with ingredients like amber and myrrh as well as oud and other spices, is a tribute to the mystery and warmth of a desert evening, while evoking pictures of stars and caravans.

If you prefer more of a European feel, then the “Renaissance Revival series” is for you. The scents in this series are inspired by Renaissance art, innovation, and classic ingredients.

But Esnc. But Esnc. Its “Emotions-in-Essence” line explores human emotions using scents. Imagine wearing an aroma that embodies happiness, with its citrusy floral blend, or sadness, which is a rich layering of musk, dark berries, and other notes.

Esnc. The way Esnc. Esnc. The Esnc. store offers more than shopping. You can discover and experience new cultures through the use of fragrance. Whether you’re a fragrance aficionado or a curious newbie, Esnc. The collections of Esnc are full of scents that await discovery. They each have their own stories to tell, and experiences to share.

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