Do you need a Water Filter or Softener?

The water in our home can cause a variety of problems. High levels of calcium and other minerals or sediments, also known as “hard water”, are among them. It is important to note that hard water can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and other appliances. For many years, people have used water softeners which use salt as a way to mitigate the effects.

Our water supply is also plagued by the problem of unsafe water. The public and private water systems are awash with carcinogens, chemicals, and bacteria. Installing under-sink water filters is a common practice to filter and provide clean drinking water. Many people install the best drinking-water filters to eliminate as many contaminants as possible. It only filters the portion of water that we drink every day.

Many water softener firms are adding filters into their water softening system that uses salt and selling and marketing them door to door as home water filter systems. These filters are unfortunately not full spectrum and will not protect your house from all the contaminants that may be present in the water. More importantly, the systems use salts to “soften” the water. This is harmful for the environment as well as adding to health issues.

The choices available to homeowners who want to both soften the water, as well as find the assurance that their whole-house water filtration provides in terms of water quality will leave them disappointed. Nano-filtration offers two options: a non-salt water softener and full spectrum water filtration.

Combining a water filter that removes lead and arsenic, as well as chloramines from the water with a water softening system without salt or chemical additives. The systems can be used for river or well water as well as public utility water.

Feel secure knowing all water used at home has been treated. Filtering and treating all the water in your home will ensure that it is safe to use for washing clothes or dishes. Water that your kids bathe or play in will be free of carcinogens, harmful viruses, and pharmaceuticals. It is possible to have soft and safe water. But beware of door-to door salesmen that claim their softener has a filter that will provide you with protection.

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