Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips

Hardwood floors have a beautiful look, are durable and appealing to the eyes go here. Many people think installing hardwood floors can be time-consuming and challenging. Wood flooring installation is not a project you can complete in one weekend. However, there are a few tips that will help.

It is important to ensure that the area on which you will install your flooring, is clean, flat and dry. Installation of hardwood floors is difficult on an uneven surface.
It’s easier to install hardwood floors if you store your floors in the house for a day or two before you begin. This allows the floor to adapt and adjust to their home’s humidity.

As you install your flooring, add an extra layer of asphalt felt. This will both protect the flooring and the substrate as well as help you install the flooring.
If you are planning to install the board yourself, make sure to have a circular saw (or table saw) or a power miter. These tools are essential for cutting the boards accurately and easily.
Be sure to check that all the rows have end pieces 8 inches or larger.
Wood floor nails are a great tool for attaching strips to joists. It is difficult to do and may damage the flooring surface. Ensure you understand everything you’re about to do!
Install a “reducer piece” (a wood moulding or bevelled strips that make the difference between your floor and another floor less obvious) if it is likely to bump against another floor. The slightest difference in a floor’s level can cause someone to trip.

It is possible to install wood flooring yourself, but it’s not a good idea for beginners. A non-level floor or an uneven room can make it hard to lay down the floor. While you can still save money, you will get a professionally installed floor. It is cheaper to use this method than to buy new materials and hire someone else for the job of removing what you already have.

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