How and why to remove stains from carpets

You’ve probably spilled wine onto your carpet, and you watched with horror as it seeped in. In a fit of rage, you rush online to try DIY solutions, but the stain still stubbornly stares back at you. Welcom to the world of stain scientists! Many North Shore carpet cleaners are curious to know the scientific basis behind stain removal. Grab your lab goggles; we’re diving in! Sign in to your account.

The Molecular Magnetism of a Magnet:

On a microscopic scale, stains adhere to the carpet fibers. Imagine that the stain molecule and carpet fibers are attracted to each other by a strong magnetic force. Simply wiping away an spill won’t work because the stain molecules will have made their home.

The pH play:

Remember the pH Scale from your school science classes? It’s back! What’s best to clean a stain depends on its pH, which can be acidic or alkaline. The same solution won’t work for everyone. Some cleaning agents have a higher pH, while others are alkaline. This is to balance the pH.

Heat or no Heat? :

Heat is a powerful tool! You can use heat to either remove the stain permanently or help it lift. Are they protein-based, like blood or milk? Bitte, use cold water. If you use hot water, it can cause proteins to coagulate causing the stain to become more difficult. For oily or grease stains warm water may be better.

A activation for agitation

The stain can be broken by gently massaging the affected area. This will help the cleaning solution penetrate the fibers and reach the stain. Be careful not to damage your carpet’s fibers by being overly rough.

The rinse and extract:

The cleaning agent must be applied, then rinsed and extracted. Cleaning residues that remain can eventually attract dirt.

The Dwelling Time is:

The cleaning solution will sit for some time on the stain. Give the stain time to dry.

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