How long is it before roof repair work can be completed?

If you want to know how long your re-roofing project will last, it’s important to look at the dimensions and the area of your building. If you’re doing a larger home or business building, the time will definitely be longer, recommended site!

In most cases, reroofing projects are completed in just two days. The weather permitting, in most cases we can completely reroof a 5,000-square feet building in just two business days.

The reason some roofing companies have so many people working on the job is that they can finish a job like this in only one day. It is reasonable to expect that the roofing contractor you hire will be able complete a 5,000-square foot tear off roof project in about two working days.

Contractors use a system known as phasing to tackle large-scale projects. The contractor will tear off a portion of the roofing each day, instead of tearing the whole roof off at once.

In the case of a phased-in project, each morning a part of the roofing is torn away, then that same portion is reroofed. A new water-sealed seam is installed at the end the day. It marks the area where work has been stopped. Work begins the next day by torning up the just-installed water seam, and then moving on to the next roofing section.

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