Looking for Moldavites to work in fields

I drive by fields that moldavites can often be found almost every day as I drive through them. I enjoy going out looking for Moldavites in the spring and fall seasons, additional info.

I finally saw the tractor plowing over the stubble field. I was not able to find enough time the next morning, and it was also very dry. When it is raining, or during :-))., the best time to hunt for Moldavites. Moldavite’s shiny surface is much easier to see. I said to myself, “I’ll try my luck tomorrow.”

That day, it had rained all morning. This was the perfect time for me. Then, in the afternoon, I discovered that there were already eight people looking intently at it. The field was small and I couldn’t see any Moldavites leaving.

Maybe next year, I might get my chance. When the agricultural machines :-). turn over the earth again, it will be my chance.

Moldavites hunting is still a popular pastime. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find actual finds due to this.

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