Mobile Car Wash Industry Competition

We’ve all seen the mobile washer units that are cruising around our cities check my reference. They can be found in trucks, vans, trailers or trucks with a water tank attached and a pressure washer. While they market their services through flyers, business cards and brochures, the majority of their business comes down to repeat customers and referrals. Some cities have hundreds upon hundreds of these units cleaning out the city. It may sound like a great idea. However, as in all industries, there is a competitive component that can make it more profitable.

A typical car wash competitor will be a one-man business that doesn’t have enough space in their truck or van for a hot pressure washer; steam/cleaner water washer, or any other equipment. Many of the smaller businesses simply installed a Home Depot Pressure washing machine on their vehicle or trailer and connected a water tank. You can bet they don’t even know what a hot-water pressure washer unit is, even though they do have one. The fact is that, even if they had a steam/cleaner unit, they wouldn’t have to close down every year because it rains. Mobile car washers in the US and worldwide have to deal with severe weather conditions. Water turns to ice when low temperatures are reached, making it difficult to sell cars washes. Mobile car washers are often forced to clean other things in order to wash cars.

These mobile car washes are able to help diversify your efforts towards washing concrete, heavy equipment, the interior of cars and truck fleets, signs as well as holiday window paint removal, graffiti or paint prep. This is where hot water pressure washers come in handy. You can use it to keep your car clean even in the winter. It’s also why many mobile car washing and auto detailing businesses don’t last very long. Consider seasonality when planning a business. You should think about this.

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