Select the Right Catering Service

A party is incomplete without food, so it’s important to choose the right catering company. How do you choose the best caterer? To make a final decision, it is essential to conduct extensive research, to check references and to request samples. Click for source!

If you want a catering company to give an accurate quote for your event or party, it is important that your caterer understands your requirements. Is the location of your event/party reserved? Does it have a kitchen available on-site? What is the expected number of guests at your event? Ask the caterer if they have a requirement for minimum guests. Be aware that your guests might have special dietary requirements and communicate them to your caterer. The best caterers will always be prepared for unexpected situations, but what is the cost? Ask.

How much money do you spend on catering?

Talk to your caterer about your budget and the options available. Do you want to serve your guests a sit-down dinner or buffet? Do you want to reflect a certain theme or style in your event’s cuisine? It may be that your budget will determine the flexibility of your caterer to accommodate your requirements. Remember that the food type is often what determines bulk pricing for catering. Ask the caterer if he will give you a contract detailing the services and payment schedule.

What is the location of the caterer?

Do they use frozen or fresh food in their recipes? Locally grown produce? Organic? Are any dishes pre-made, then frozen for the event/party? Can you buy anything in a can or jar? What happens? (Gasp).

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Do they provide linens, chairs, tables, and decorations? There will often be an example of a past table decoration or event in a catering brochure. You should be clear about what you need and the services that will be provided by your caterer. Does the caterer provide a menu that explains the contents of each dish?


Does the caterer provide wait staff? Dress code required? How many servers are there compared to the number of guests? One server per 10 guests is a good rule. Ask your caterer whether taxes and tips are included in their final price.

Was happens with the leftovers? Catering services will often put together a basket of food for free if the host or hostess requests it.

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