Simple, delicious summer meals

Summer is here, so living should be more easy – at minimum in the kitchen. Nature has everything we need to make healthy, simple meals. Now it is up to us slow down to enjoy the bounty. Dinnertime can take a completely new turn with longer daylight hours and no need not to nag children about homework – find out more.

These easy dinner ideas are a great way to spice things up this summer. Even the pickiest of eaters can be seduced by these simple recipes.

*Picasso at the Kitchen

The vibrant summer colors can be your palette. Use a large tray or white plate to arrange slices of strawberries, watermelon pieces, mangos, grapes and peaches on top. This lovely arrangement can make a great centerpiece for your table. Your hungry family can indulge in yogurts and other dairy products by adding a few bowls to the table. A loaf of French bread can be toasted and wrapped in a festive wrap. Assemble sliced cheeses as well as smoked or roast turkey slices (found at the deli) to create a festive display that’s simple enough to eat.

*Participation IS Key

Children love to be involved in meal preparation during summer. There is a good chance that your children will help you cut the carrots. Your older kids might be able to pick a certain night with you as their sous chefs and help prepare the menu. Let them know that they can choose from “breakfast for dinner” (or “Mac and Cheese night”) as well as other options., a social networking site for moms recently shared an easy Mac and cheese recipe.

Boil 8 Oz. Small pasta. Drain and then add 1 cup milk. 1 tablespoon butter. 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar. 8 oz. American cheese, salt & pepper to taste Add more cheese to the top. Bake at 350 until cooked through. Simple and tasty! !

It is important to assist in boiling the pasta. However, this process is simple enough for kids aged 8 and over. Add some fresh or frozen peas to the boiling pasta in the last few minutes. This will make the recipe even healthier.

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