Oil Purification Systems and Its Applications

Technology-based oil purification systems can be affordable for many industries and in some cases even generate revenue if they are lent to others for a fee. This is an environmentally friendly technology that is not being brought into the spotlight of large industrial sectors, continue reading?

People don’t understand that oil does not die. There are many ways to purify or recycle oil. Oil that has contaminated the soil can reach aquifers, which provide drinking water. This causes serious environmental damage and poses health risks.

One oil change can produce toxic wastes that can contaminate a million gallons. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released guidelines on how to manage, reuse and recycle used oil. This is a necessity with the global climate deteriorating. North Americans consume 19 million barrels of oil per day, and the waste oil makes up a large part. Nearly half of all oil is consumed by the industry. Waste oil will always be treated as hazardous depending on the chemical composition. Recycling oil purification systems is a great way to change the world.

Moreover, waste oil producers don’t realize the cost savings and therefore do not understand the importance of oil purification. Up until 2012, only five percent (or less) of industrial facilities believed in the restoration and reuse of oil. However, due to increased awareness and research these numbers have risen significantly since 2012. The chain effect of cost savings is enormous due to oil purification system’s financial benefits. Recycling waste oil is a great way for factories to save money.

Onsite oil purification impacts downtime. When a plant has to be shut down due to equipment repair, it costs thousands per hour. Contaminated oil is the main cause of failure. Purification systems are like dialysis machines for industrial machinery. They are easy to move around and can be rolled to turbines or pumps that are connected to the purification system. This process cleans the oil of all contaminants, and restores it to its original condition. Purification systems are saving a variety of industries a lot of money.