Information On Telescoping Flag Posts

A telescoping flag pole allows you to hang your flag in the front yard quickly and with ease. While it functions just like any other pole, the installation is easier and more convenient than most. The telescopic flag pole is much simpler than the standard best flag pole which requires an expert to install. It consists of one rod that can extend to life-size poles from which you will hang your flags. Before installing the telescopic pole, there are a few things you should know. These poles have a height of 6 to 35 inches and no ropes to tie or hold them. They have a pointed effect and are able to maintain their strength-to-height ratios. These poles are not as long-lasting as single-piece ones.

Three things should be considered when searching for telescoping poles: the size of the tubing, the lock systems, and the spring assistance. The pole that has the largest diameter in relation to its height will be the most durable. While the thickness of the pole is directly proportional to its strength, it is also more dependent on the diameter. The locking system of flag poles can vary depending on their producer. It is highly recommended that the lock system is self-locking, self-indexing and self-indexing. This means that each part can be lifted to lock the position.

Additionally, the lock system should be positive and not rely on expansion or friction. To reduce the chance of a malfunctioning lock, look for a system with minimal to zero moving parts. Spring assisted systems are recommended by the manufacturer of the Telescopic Flag Pole. Because of the spring assist method, assembly of smaller poles will be easier. It is important to use the spring assist system for poles over 20 feet in height, since their weight can fluctuate between 12-20 pounds. A comprehensive description of all types of flag poles is recommended before purchasing one. These include poles that can be mounted on walls and those that can be telescopic or fiberglass.