Men and Earrings are Not an Oxymoron

Many people believed that earrings were only for women. A simple pair of studs or hoops with simple styling can enhance the physique of a man. In ancient times mens earings was considered an art form. It is evident in the 19th Century engraved images that show men with earrings, especially those of Persian descent, which are displayed on palace walls. Also, in India and Egypt, religious leaders such as kings or pharaohs displayed men’s earrings. Men’s earrings were also very popular in Babylonia (Assyria) and Babylonia to indicate their status in society.

In the past, men wore metal earrings to protect themselves from evil spirits. These ancient customs explain why silver and golden hoops are some of the most beloved earring styles for men. Perhaps man’s first chance at body piercing came from the ear-lobes. In Austria’s Glacier, in 1991 was discovered the oldest mummified corpse on Earth. According to the tests, the body was more that 5000 years-old. The body had pierced ears that measured seven to elevenmm in diameter.

The west’s fascination with earrings for women may be dated back as far as the 1920’s in Western Europe. Ear piercing, which is used to make earrings for men in the west, became very popular around the middle part of the 20th Century. An earlier version of ear piercing required the use of a safety ring to create holes in the ear. Ear guns are now being used to put earrings in your ears. The 1980’s were a time when men’s earrings were very popular. Famous musicians, performers, and athletes often wore them. There are normally two types available for men: studs, and hoops.

Most men were seen with one stud in their ears when ear-piercing became popular. At the time, it was considered taboo for males not to wear studs or hoops on both ears or in the right ear. Now, however, you’d see men with more holes inside their ears than any women. Some people believe that earrings on men signify homosexuality. Many heterosexual men just love to wear earrings. Ear piercing, for men and women, is almost universal. However, some people in the west consider it to be inexplicable.