Car Detailer Snd Ancillary Markets – You Can Detail Anything

I went to a festival the other day and noticed someone had left a business card attached to all the motorcycles that were parked. A few of these business cards had fallen on the ground and I was able to pick one up. It mentioned motorcycle detailing. Isn’t that interesting? You see, I worked in the auto detailing industry for many years and also detailed planes and boats. One of our franchisees ran a truck detailing service as a side venture. It’s true that you can detail anything. If you are interested in auto car detailing, there is no reason to limit your abilities. Let’s talk.

Many ancillary markets exist for the car detailer. Once you have started detailing boats, you may be asked to do fiberglass repair or teak reconditioning. You may be asked to maintain the hangar, clean ground equipment or rejuvenate deice boots if you are a detailer. If you are in the motorcycle detailing trade like this one, you may be asked to clean trucks or flatbed trailers, which transport the motorcycles to various events.

If they later ask you to clean their yacht in the Marina, you should respond “yes”. You should also answer the door if the person in the slip next to you asks if they can clean their boat and SUV before coming to their house to detail their cars. It’s not unusual for them to have a nice Harley in their garage. You can see where I am going with this. It’s amazing how many details you will be asked for once you have started. You might visit someone’s home on a golf course and be detailing their golf car before you know it. While they won’t be washing or waxing it themselves, they are aware that it must be done. And you have the tools, the knowledge, and the products to make it happen. Why not? This is why I ask you to consider it if you market a detailing company.

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