Turnkey Reseller Web Hosting Websites

Okay, so let’s get right to the point with the title’s first word – turnkey. What is a “turnkey” website? It simply means that a company will provide a website ready for you. Once you are in the admin panel, you can make any customizations that you want, such as adding your logo (if you have one), writing some text to create unique content, or adding your site name. If applicable, you can also set any prices. It is not necessary to create a website, or program, and all the functionality, as well as a lot of the content, has already been done for you. You are basically getting a business in a box that is ready to go online. It can also be promoted and accessed by reselling amazon products.

There are two main types. The script you purchase is the most common type. Now you need to get a domain and a hosting account. Next, you will install the script that was purchased on their site. They are typically designed to make you money through AdSense, affiliate programs such Amazon and eBay, or simply provide you a website to drive traffic. This is the second type. You buy something from a company and can then resell it. They will charge you wholesale prices so you can add your markup and sell it to your customers. Some companies will charge a monthly membership fee, while others provide a completely free service.

Reseller web hosting refers to a relationship between a reseller and a web hosting company. Although you usually need to pay an upfront fee to open an account with a web hosting provider, you can also receive a free reseller website that includes hosting. This means you will not have to purchase a domain name and your hosting costs are less than $10 per calendar year. This is a great way of starting a business and making money.