The Best Deck Materials – Which One Is Right?

Which deck material is best? Which is the best? Which one lasts longer? Which one is the most difficult to maintain? Which one costs the most? Or is it the most costly? You can spend a lot on something you don’t love, but it’s also possible to make a bad purchase. It’s one you will be able to stick with for many years. Get more info? visit us.

Here are the answers. There is no right or incorrect answer to every deck material question. Your needs will vary depending on the situation. Let’s discuss the options and make confident decisions. One you will be proud to show off for years.

There are four main materials that make up decks: aluminum, wood and composite. Each material will be discussed in detail to help you select the best for your deck.


Decks are most commonly made from wood. Around 85 percent of homeowners have a deck within their single-family residence. Many decks are made of wood, most notably pressure treated pine. There are many reasons why treated lumber is so beloved. Yellow pine has a strong reputation. It can be described as “dimensionally solid” to impress your friends. We will all just call it strong. It is affordable (relatively speaking) and can be found almost anywhere. It looks fantastic, especially when stained. It can be easily refinished once it has weathered and will look great. Yellow pine can be used easily. Yellow pine is not as durable as other products. If taken care of properly, treated lumber decks can be lasted up to 15 year. Yes. It is necessary to clean, sand, finish the deck every two years. There will always be cracks and splinters, warps, and general wear. It is best to think about the long-term cost of a project, rather than the initial price. Although estimates can vary, it is not uncommon for treated pine to catch-up with more expensive woods within 5-8 years. The cost of treating pine after 8 years does not impact the initial cost. Let’s now examine the other wood species available.


Redwood is a great choice for deck material. Redwood grades can be confusing. The grade will be determined by factors such as the origin of the wood. The most valuable and most expensive grade of heartwood comes from within the tree. There are two types of heartwoods: the “Construction”, and the “Select”. Heartwood can be used for up to 30 years in ideal climates. It can also last for as much as 20 years even in harsh climates. Only use another grade if it has been pressure treated first. You should drill this, and any other “soft woods”, before you nail the ends of your board. This will help prevent splitting. Redwood has beautiful brownish-red colors and it ages beautifully. Redwood requires some maintenance, but it is far easier than pine. Redwood is three-times more expensive than pressure treated pine. Similar labor costs should also apply.

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