The White House has a flagpole frenzy

It’s possible that you thought about looking for this flag after noticing the size of the White House. White House officials are not slack when it comes hoisting and displaying the American national flag. The sturdy, recognizable flagpole that is seen on top of this iconic structure symbolizes the cohesion and power of our country and was designed to stand the test of times. Below is a comprehensive list of different flagpoles at the White House.

North Flagpole, continue? This impressive flagpole stands at 70 feet in height and is entirely made from Douglas fir. This flagpole can be seen on the North Lawn in front of the White House.

South Flagpole. The South Flagpole, with a height sixty feet is a little shorter than it’s counterpart the North Flagpole. Steel is used to construct it and the Oval Office is right next door. It is topped by a flagpole that flies the United States President’s flag.

Old Glory Flagpole, a white house flagpole situated on the South Portico. On special occasions like Independence Day, or when Presidents give important speeches, this flagpole will be used to display the American Flag. It is 45 feet high and constructed of mahogany.

West Wing Flagpole. Daily hoisting the American flag at the West Wing entry flagpole. West Wing Flagpole. It is made from aluminum and has a 30-foot height.

The First Lady’s Garden Flagpole – The first lady’s flag can be seen flying from the tiny flagpole found in her garden. This small flagpole is known as “The First Lady’s Garden Polepole.” This brass flagpole measures only 12 inches high.

This American flag is displayed at the White House using all these flagpoles. They each have a different function. No matter if it was the beauty of the North flagpole or its functionality, the West Wing flagpole flew with pride the American Flag.

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