There are 5 Ways to Customize a Privacy Fence

If you want to add a touch of flair to your privacy fence, there are plenty of ways for homeowners. This article provides tips to help you combine fence styles and create a fence with a unique look – click here!

One of the most popular fence designs in neighborhoods is privacy fencing. Basic solid cedar fencing offers the desired seclusion while maintaining a sleek, simplistic look. However, if privacy fences are repeated from yard to yard, they can get a little monotonous.

Today, homeowners can choose from a variety of fence styles that offer privacy without blending in. You can customize your fence to suit your style.

While you are planning your fence, be sure to look at the surrounding areas for interesting or unique designs. Many of the best fence designs are a combination of different styles. Build a fence that is unique by piecing elements from other privacy fencing styles you love.

Listed below are some suggestions for customizing your privacy fence.

Basic Privacy Fence

The standard height of a cedar fence is six feet, and the boards are tightly fit. It is common for the top to be flat, giving it a slick and even look. Use dog-eared board instead of flat boards to give a more dynamic look to your basic privacy fence. You can experiment by using different board sizes or changing the board heights.

Picture Frame fence

A picture frame fence can be a decorative alternative to privacy fencing. Named for the horizontal and vertical rails which frame each section of the fence. This framing can be customized and adds charm. Select the size of each board, as well as the amount in the frames. You can also choose whether you want the frame to match the boards. Additional wood trim can also be added to a frame picture fence.

Lattice Top Fence

Lattice fencing is one of the most common variations on privacy fencing. It has a decorative section along the top. The concept of a lattice fence can be further developed by clever homeowners, who will incorporate the sections within the fence itself to achieve a semi-private and interesting effect. A narrow lattice can be used as a frame for a picture frame or you could alternate the lattice with solid board sections.

Good Neighborhood Fence

Another popular privacy fence design is the Good Neighbor. Good Neighbor fencing has its boards alternately attached on each side of rails instead of being affixed only to the one side. The gaps between the boards can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Semi-Privacy Fence

A semi-privacy fencing is a great option for those who are looking to have some privacy, but not feel too enclosed. The semi-privacy fences are shorter, and the spaces between boards tend to be smaller than those of regular privacy fencing. They can be made more attractive by changing the width of the gaps and heights between boards. Place tall boards that are thin and 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch apart. This will give the illusion that the fence is more open.

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