These are the Pages That Every Church Website Could Have

Sites have a number of pages that allow users to learn more about the site’s purpose. Three pages are essential when it comes to church websites. These foundational pages are essential, regardless of what you do. Even if your website is simple, visitors still expect at least six pages. These pages provide the information that empowers individuals to make a decision about whether to join your church, get the facts.


As much effort as you put into planning events, you want as many people as possible to attend them. If you don’t make it public, how will anyone find out? Even your members may forget the exact date and time if it isn’t within normal business hours. You can easily recall all church events by creating a dedicated Events page that includes up-to-date dates and timings.


Your sermons can be included on your website to give more information about your church. Even though it is not a common feature on many church websites, this page is essential. The sermon delivery method can influence a person’s choice of church. This is a personal decision. Sometimes people prefer to test drive sermons at home rather than in public settings.


Giving is vital and helps churches stay afloat. Without tithing, a church can’t effectively minister to its members and the community. A giving page is one of the most popular church websites. It’s amazing that five additional pages help to describe your church, its purpose, and how visitors can benefit. You’ve established a relationship with your visitors without ever asking for donations.

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