Top 5 Tips For Finding A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing bankruptcy can be scary and difficult. People who are forced to file for bankruptcy are emotionally exhausted and unable deal with the necessary filings and handlings. If you’re not a bankruptcy attorney, it can be draining and hard to stay on top. How can you find the right bankruptcy attorney? How can you find the best bankruptcy lawyer for you? Here are some tips for choosing the right bankruptcy attorney.

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What are your first steps in finding a bankruptcy lawyer? These cases are too serious for the yellow pages. To find out which bankruptcy judges are in your area, contact your local bar association. A majority of the bankruptcy court panel lawyers are specialists in the field. This will increase your confidence when selecting someone. This will reduce the number of candidates you choose.

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Unfortunately, 2009 has seen a higher number of bankruptcy filings than in previous years. It will only get worse as we move into 2010. Ask around. Ask your loved ones, friends and relatives who have handled bankruptcy matters. Ask around. Dealing with bankruptcy is difficult. A lawyer who isn’t an expert in the area is not going to help you. You want someone who is able to handle it quickly and with success. Before you hire an attorney, it is worth speaking with others in similar situations.


Ask your lawyer about the advantages of filing bankruptcy. What is the difference between filing a Chapter 11, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition? What do you need from the attorney to get started? How long is the entire process? What can you anticipate? Who will you take to court? Before you go ahead, it is important to answer all these questions. You should find an attorney who can provide information to address these issues. If your potential lawyer is unable answer these questions, then he/she might not be the right person for you.


Ask about fees before you hire a lawyer. Find out the costs. Is there any written agreement regarding fees? Are there any extra charges that might be unexpected? The lawyer should outline the worst case scenarios and explain hourly fees. Also, describe the charging structure. You should not be put off by an attorney asking you to sign a fees agreement. As a sign of their commitment, many attorneys request that you sign a fee agreement from the beginning. It’s a sign of how serious he/she is about representing your interests.

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