Venti is 15 years old

Venti’s age in Genshin Impact is a complicated question, as he has two identities. Venti is the first character to be seen in Genshin Impact. He helps Dvalin, despite his destructive nature. Continue reading to learn more about the mysterious Anemo bard and his backstory. Read more now on

Venti is introduced to the Traveler during the ‘For a Tomorrow Without Tears Act. He is a spirited Bard who is wiser than his years and a wanderer who travels wherever he pleases.

Soon it becomes apparent that he is actually the vessel of Barbatos the Anemo Archon, who is worshipped at Mondstadt. His grip on the moral world has been lessened and he allows Mondstadt to become a republic without rules, making him a lesser god over time.

Venti is the core component of the Stormterror quests. He provides background lore about the terrorising Anemo spirit and how he became mad after a period of loneliness. Venti adopted his current form in honor of a friend and former bard who was killed fighting the God of Storms. This happened many years before Barbatos became an Anemo Archon.

Venti, an Archon in human form is as old as Teyvat itself. Venti is described as being as old and as ancient as the hills, despite being a 15 year-old boy. His fans estimate that he is around 2,600 years of age.

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