What are the Characteristics of a Good Church Website?

As the foundation of a church’s branding, a good logo helps to communicate the vision and goals of the churches it represents. It is consistent, memorable, and visually appealing. Another way to communicate that vision is through the design of a church website, continue reading?

A church’s website is its digital “front door.” Let’s face the facts: If you have ever visited a church, chances are you did your research online before you ever set foot inside. This holds true for the majority of churchgoers. Some churches have begun to recognize that online interaction is often their first contact with visitors.

It is important that every church knows how their church is presented online. Unfortunately, many churches are unaware of this. Many church websites offer poor user experiences. It is unclear what the mission or vision are. Incorrect information Design flaw. It is difficult to navigate. This list could go on. Many churches think that having a website is enough. They don’t question what the website does or how it communicates.

We believe all churches have a responsibility for having a website that conveys the truth about Jesus Christ. However, a church website cannot provide a complete picture of its spiritual health. Online sermons can be listened to, articles written by pastors and donations made online can all be done. But the real point is to live in community with the church’s people. Visiting a church website does not mean that you are fully involved with the church. Good church websites should have the primary goal of getting people involved. Let’s take a look at the key characteristics of a great church website.

Clear Sight

Appealing Design

Excellent Information Architecture

Motivating Calls to Act

– Genuine Content

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