What Is A Good Age For Getting An Eyelidlift?

There isn’t a perfect age for a eyelidlift recommended site. If you are looking to rejuvenate your upper eyelid or lower eyelid, or have loose skin around the eye, then you may be a good candidate for an eyelid surgery. A bag under the eye is another indication of an eyelid-lift surgery. It can occur at any stage in life. Sagging skin and loose skin are common causes of eyelid lifts. These conditions are caused by aging and damage from the sun. It could be the upper or bottom eyelids that are loose. Certain ethnicities, especially Asians may naturally have a slight surplus of skin in their upper eyelids. To tighten loose upper eyelid skin, an incision can either be made on the upper eyelidfold or the lower eyelash fold to trim and tighten remaining loose skin.

Younger patients who are seeking an eyelid lift tend to have more bags under the lower eyes. Bags under your eyelids is due to pseudo-herniation (or not enough muscle and skin tightness) of the lower fatty pockets. These small fat pockets or a loose lower eyelid muscles and skin or a combination can give you an appearance of tiredness. This can lead to dark circles or bags under the eyes.

It may be impossible to eliminate the dark circles and eyelid bags with skin creams, skin treatments, or even laser treatment. Even if you have a tighter lower eyelid, the bags and circles may still be there. These treatments can’t tighten the muscles or remove the small amounts. For those areas you may require surgery.

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